Carpet Deodorizer


Nilodor® Natural Touch™ Fabric Refresher - Qt.

Natural Touch™ is a unique carpet, clothing and fabric refresher which contains an odor elimination agent that can be used by anyone trying to eliminate odor problems due to smoke, mustiness, urine, or any other common odors including cooking odors. Natural Touch™ is safe to use on carpeting, clothing, furniture, drapes, and any other water safe fabric.


Nilodor® Nilofresh™ - Citrus

Nilofresh™ is made from ground corn cob, which is non-abrasive, and is slow to absorb moisture from the air. A powdered rug and room deodorizer that does not contain abrasives like baking soda. It is safe for all vacuum cleaners and carpets. 12 oz. Shaker cans.