20" Floor Pads


3M™ 20" Floor Pads

Every floor pad in the 3M line is designed and manufactured with a uniform coating throughout, assuring longer-lasting performance in a variety of maintenance operations.
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Scrubble® Emerald Hy-Pro Floor Pad - 20"

Maximum abrasive content, tear resistant and long wearing. Wide open mesh construction allows solutions to flow through without loading and build up. Highly aggressive. Use with 175 - 300 rpm machines. 5/8" thick.  5/cs
Manufacturers Item #73-20

Scrubble® Type 33 Hair Blend Light Floor Pad - 20"

A controlled blend of polyester and natural hair fibers makes this a versatile UHS pad. The lubricating effect of natural hair produces the wet look finish. 1" nominal thickness. Use with machines up to 3000 RPM.  5/cs
Manufacturers Item #33-20

Scrubble® Type 37 Hair Blend Extra Heavy Floor Pad - 20"

Ideal combination of natural hair and synthetic fiber to provide a "wet look" shine. Best suited for hard finishes with speeds up to 3000 RPM. 1" nominal thickness.  5/cs
Manufacturers Item #37-20

Scrubble® Type 41 White Polishing Floor Pad - 20"

This popular extra fine pad is formulated for polishing clean, dry floors. A fine water mist is used to produce a high gloss wet look. 1" nominal thickness. Ideal for polishing soft waves on wood floors. Use with 350 - 800 RPM machines.  5/cs
Manufacturers Item #41-20

Scrubble® Type 51 Red Buffing Floor Pad - 20"

Restores gloss while removing scuff marks and dirt on medium traffic areas. Can be used dry or spray buffing to produce a sparkling shine. 1" nominal thickness, use with 350 - 800 RPM machines. Ideal for automatic scrubbing.  5/cs
Manufacturers Item #51-20

Scrubble® Type 55 Green Scrubber Floor Pad - 20"

Our toughest duty, most aggressive scrubbing pad for heavily soiled areas. Best when used for wet scrubbing or light stripping. 1" nominal thickness. Very durable and long lasting. Use with 175 - 300 RPM machines.  5/cs
Manufacturers Item #55-20

Scrubble® Type 72 Black Stripping Floor Pad - 20"

Our most popular stripping pad designed for heavy-duty wet stripping. Very aggressive texture to remove wax, dirt and any finish. 3/4" thick. Tough, durable and built to perform. Use with 175 - 300 RPM machines.  5/cs
Manufacturers Item #72-20