Liquid Soap


Austin's® Anti-Bacterial Handsoap - Gal.

Manufacturers Item #AU-1450

Colgate-Palmolive Softsoap® Antibacterial Hand Soap-7.5 oz

#1 brand liquid hand soap. Clinically proven to eliminate 99% of germs. Offers strong antibacterial protection. Dermatologist-tested. Crisp Clean scent. Light moisturizers help to keep skin smooth and soft. Gently cleans without leaving hands feeling dry.

Manufacturers Item #26254

Softsoap® Moisturizing w/Aloe - 5.5 oz.

The #1 brand in liquid hand soap. Gentle cleansing formula with a touch of aloe vera. Less drying than ordinary soap. Proven to eliminate tough dirt on hands. Dermatologist-tested.

Manufacturers Item #26286

TRUEKLEEN Pink Lotion Soap - Gal.

Formulated with unadulterated coconut oil for its rich lather and deep cleaning, with all its natural glycerin retained to avoid drying the skin, then it is lotionized to make it even more pleasant to use. Both men and women like the attractive fragrance. The soap and loosened soil rinse away quickly and completely.


Infinity Pearl Drop Hand Soap - Gal.

A synthetic pearlescent antimicrobial hand soap made from the finest ingredients available and scented with a fine perfume. Contains PCMX; contains no free alkali or other irritants. Produces a dense creamy lather.

Manufacturers Item #ST-PEARL

Kutol Antibacterial Hand Soap - DuraView 2 L

Contains .3% Triclosan. Unique ingredient also helps neutralize odors to leave hands smelling clean and fresh. Cleans hands & kills germs without irritating the skin. Amber color; Citrus Spice fragrance. Use dispenser 9909ZPL.

Manufacturers Item #5067

Kutol Job Antibacterial Hand Soap - Gal. Pour Top

Antiseptic soap with .1% PCMX to help kill germs. Gentle to skin and economical to use. Natural soap-based formula. Contains emollients. Floral fragrance; White color.


Kutol Clean Shape™ Antibacterial Soap - 1000 mL

Formulated with .3% Triclosan to be effective against VRE, MRSA, salmonella, and other microorganisms. Lathers up quickly, moisturizes and deodorizes. Amber in color with citrus spice fragrance. Use 9907ZPL pearlized white wall bracket.

Manufacturers Item #65036

Kutol Clean Shape™ Enriched Lotion Soap - 1000 mL

Scientifically formulated with Merquat® to be gentle to the skin, it rinses away easily and leaves the hands pleasantly yet mildly scented. Thick, rich texture and an attractive white color. An extremely effective, high-sudsing cleanser. 8 per case USDA: E-4.

Manufacturers Item #68136

Kutol Health Guard® Antibacterial Hand Soap -Gal. Pour Top

Formulated with .3 Triclosan. Mild surfactant blend. Contains skin conditioners. Spicy Floral fragrance; Amber color. USDA; E4.

Manufacturers Item #5009

Kutol Orange Scrub w/Scrubbers - Gal.

Safely removes grease, oil, paint, ink, carbon and more. Petroleum free. Contains pumice to help clean quickly. Natural citrus solvent. Refreshing citrus scent; Orange color. May be used without water. 4 per case 1 Gallon with pumps.

Manufacturers Item #4902

Kutol Pink Lotion Skin Cleaner

Opaque pink formula is easy to see through dispenser view windows, provides instant sudsing and fresh clean fragrance. A blend of natural soaps and synthetic cleaning agents. Contains emollients. Formulated for medium to heavy soil removal. Pleasant scent.

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Kutol Sock-It™ Heavy Duty Soap - DuraView 2 L

Super duty mineral solvent and pumice based formula with mineral oil. Can be used without water. Developed to clean away the toughest dirt & grime quickly without irritating skin. Opaque green with lemon-lime scent.


Kutol Soft & Silky Antibacterial Hand Soap-800 mL Bag-in-Box

Formulated with .3% Triciosan. Mild surfactant blend. Contains skin conditioners. Citrus Spice fragrance; Amber color. USDA: E4. Use SS/800, 9950ZPL & 9951ZPL Dispensers.

Manufacturers Item #5065

Kutol Super-Scrub Heavy/Medium Hand Cleaner - DuraView 2 L

Removes all soils. Available in various sizes.


WausauPaper® Controlled Soap - 500 mL

White lotion soap. Ideal for multipurpose needs in lavatories. Designed to replace expensive bar soaps and low-quality liquid and powder soaps. Color: Pink; E1 rated; Green Seal™ Certified. Use Dispenser: 95270.

Manufacturers Item #95100