Dispenser Napkins & Dispensers


Main Street® Dispenser Napkin - Betsy Tallfold, White

Betsy Tallfold, White, 1-Ply; Use Dispenser: 1TBS. Emboss: Overall. Open Size: 7 x 13.5, Folded Size: 3.5 x 6.75. 625/Bag, 10M/Case.  10M/cs
Manufacturers Item #D3052

Tork® Advanced RollNap® Dispenser Napkin

Its unique design reduces the need for frequent dispenser refills because it holds 40% more napkins than traditional dispensers. "EcoLogo™" Certified. White, 1-Ply; Dispenser Options: 21GR, 21B. Open Size: 17 x 9, Folded Size: 5.6 x 9.  12/500/cs
Manufacturers Item #DR7050

Tork® Advanced Xpressnap® Dispenser Napkin - White

Perfect for self-service restaurants. The system will help you reduce your napkin consumption by 25% compared to traditional napkin dispensers. Open Size: 8.5" x 13"; Folded Size: 4.25" x 6.5". Overall emboss; Napkin size: Interfold, 13 x 8.5; 1-ply. N4 system; 500 per pack, 12 per case.  12/500/cs
Manufacturers Item #DX900

Tork® Universal Dispenser Napkin - Daintifold Lowfold

Dispensing tab made for controlled usage dispensers provides dramatically reduced napkin waste. Environmental Choice "EcoLogo™" Certified. Emboss: Overall; Use Dispenser: 8TBS. Open Size: 8.7 x 12, Folded Size: 3.5 x 5; 1-Ply.  24/334/cs
Manufacturers Item #D3061