Floor Sweeps/Push Brooms


Wilen® Flagged Polypropylene Floor Sweeps

This split-tipped synthetic fiber sweep is excellent for picking up fine particles of dust and dirt on smooth floor surfaces. Grey fibers. Blocks come with two threaded handle holes. 36" wood sweep also includes handle arm braces for added strength. Sweep handles are sold separately. Bristle trim: 3".
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Wilen® Heavy Polypropylene Garage Sweeps

Durable, heavy-duty sweep great for sweeping on wet or dry surfaces. Recommended for places like streets, sidewalks, warehouse, driveways or basements. Also good for sweeping light snow. Green fibers with 3" trim. Blocks have two tapered handle holes. 30" and 36" wood sweeps include handle braces. Sweep handles are sold separately.
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Hamburg Orange Flagged Polypropylene Floor Sweep - 18"

Available in various sizes. Foam block. 3" trim.  12/cs
Manufacturers Item #27318